Friday, January 15, 2010

Snap Crackle Popera!

Rehearsal with the accompanist was so much fun!! We ran through the song a couple times and talked about tempo, etc. I forget how much fun and different it is to sing with a real live piano player. It's so organic and energetic. I really love it. We'll have no more rehearsals - my next time singing with her will be at the recital. Where, once again, I'll probably be the only adult. The Conservatory sent a letter addressed to "The Parents of Susan..." with all the recital info. Ha!

Speaking of HA, here are some glimpses of Opera in Popular Culture from when I was a kid. Enjoy.

The sound quality on this one is a bit harsh - turn your volume down before clicking:

And as usual, if the format of the blog ends up chopping off a section of the video window, click through to YouTube to see them there.

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