Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rehearsalish Time

That recital I'm singing in is next week. Of course the rehearsal with the accompanist is next Thursday, when I'm going to see Carmen at the Met. So instead I'm meeting the accompanist in my teacher's studio tonight for a quick run-through. We were joking that I couldn't make the original rehearsal date because I'm making an appearance at the Met... in the audience! Yuk yuk yuk what a jokester. Haha sorry.

Breaking news unrelated to the title of the post:

Billy Budd at the Met the year after next. A friend heard from a Very Reliable Source *cough* that Our Favorite Baritone will be singing the title role. Nothing has been officially announced but the source is Very Reliable so odds are that the contracts have been signed. So we have Die Zauberflote this season, Cosi next season and Billy Budd the following year. Keep saving those pennies!


Banawoman said...

You're a diva. And you dish. It's why you have literally handfuls of devoted readers. Thanks! I'll remember where I saw it first!

Susan said...

Aww thanks.

If I get permission from my source I will give him/her full credit.

Susan said...

I did get permission from the source to identify him. My source is the author of this blog:
He saw Mr. Baritone in recital this week and spoke briefly with him after the performance. They conversed about Billy Budd and Mr. Gunn let drop that he'll be singing it at the Met season after next. So now you all know that when I use the term, "Very Reliable Source," the source is usually, uh, Very Reliable.

Maria said...

I'm hoping that Cosi is one of the HD performances.