Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's My Opinion, And Theirs Too

Remember all summer I kept going on and on about how great Elizabeth Caballero was, not only her fabulous voice that moved me to tears, but her acting and her stage presence as well? Well Opera News wrote a little review of Traviata and the reviewer agreed with me. Not that I doubted my own opinion, but it's nice to have confirmation from the experts. Of course if he hadn't agreed with me, well first off I wouldn't even bring it up, and secondly, if I did bring it up, it would be only in the context of asking if he were blind and deaf.

The link doesn't bring you to the review, but someone I know was nice enough to scan and forward the page to me. Well actually I think she was planning on scanning it anyway for an official purpose... but here it is. I think you have to click it to make it open big enough to read.

I am confident that one day I will be seeing her perform a leading role at the Met.

And since you're already looking at videos, take a look and listen to her here:

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