Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ready for the Opera, Part Two: Glam!

This time I'm the one who's ready.

Visited Incogneeto Vintage yesterday, the store owned by friend and fellow blogger The Vintage Maven.

Walked out of there with this dress:

The sparkly colors didn't show up until I fiddled with the photo shadow settings, which ended up making my hair look gray. It also made other things in the photo look weird. So just look at the dress and think of the hair as a glimpse into my future. Of course I'll ditch the socks (they're Alex's!) and change to pumps. Still unsure if I should wear black or off-black hose.

So here's more dress.



Then of course I had to whip up a pair of earrings to wear with it:

...and then I checked some other pairs I already had to see how they'd look.

They'd do, I think, but I like the ones I just made.

And then, after the opera tomorrow, I have another reason to wear the dress... I'm singing in another recital with the Opera Project!! I'll post more about that as the date approaches - it's March 27. Batti Batti here I come.


Raisa said...

Good for you for taking your son to the Met! I am sure he enjoyed it so much.
Looking forward to reading that update post. Nice dress - very elegant.

Susan said...

Raisa, I am so sorry if my blog post was misleading!! Alex didn't go to the opera. We got the suit as a hand-me-down and he was thrilled to try it on and wear it, so I took a bunch of pictures. He is still too young to attend an opera. But maybe in a few years!!! :) Although the Met is doing the Family version of Magic Flute next season, with guess who as Papageno, so maybe it will be sooner than we think!