Friday, February 12, 2010

Official Future

Uh oh. I made the mistake, uh, I mean, I had the foresight, to check this site for future Met Opera info. I've already mentioned that I'll be going to see Cosi fan tutti in November or December. But I don't recall seeing this listed before:

LE COMTE ORY [Metropolitan Opera premiere, Mar/Apr] with Diana Damrau, Joyce DiDonato (Isolier), Juan Diego Florez, Michele Pertusi (The Tutor), Susanne Resmark* (Ragonde), Stephane Degout (Rimbaud), c. Maurizio Benini, dir. Bartlett Sher

WOW!! March/April 2011. Over a year from now. They're also doing the family version of Magic Flute this coming Winter, but the full cast isn't listed there.

The official next-season announcement will be out soon. But I like to plan far far in advance... so ... I will.

So looking even further ahead... for 2011-2012:

BILLY BUDD with John Daszak* (Captain Vere), Nathan Gunn (Billy Budd)

Tough call for me. Don't know if I can handle that particular opera. On the other hand, I don't think I can pass up seeing Mr. Gunn in his "signature" role. Well, there's plenty of time to decide/mull/ruminate over that. Oh come on. Who am I kidding. We all know I'll go. Maybe.

That site lists up through 2015! Wow. I do see that Lisette Oropesa, who I saw as Lucia with NJ Opera this past summer, will be Gilda in Rigoletto in 2012-2013. I hope to see more familiar names up there as unofficial information becomes semi-official and then officially official.


Anonymous said...

I saw Billy Budd in 1979 and in 1980. After the second time I thought, "Well, that's enough for one lifetime."

Raisa said...

Le Comte Ory looks really good. besides, what a constellation! (Note to self: definitely worth going)
Thank you very much for the info!

Lydia said...

Oooh Billy Budd!! Of course, I really love dark music/literature like that...but it really is an amazing piece of art. :)