Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready for the Opera!!

As you can see, Alex is ready for the opera.

The question is, is Opera ready for Alex????

Still don't know what I'm going to wear on Monday for La Fille. Had a bit of a grmph last week when I found out that BOTH JDF and Damrau canceled one night due to illness!!! JDF is not allowed to cancel on me twice. Nope. Hopefully they're taking it easy and will be all healthy and fabulous on Monday. And no doubt I'll get lazy and just wear what I wore to Carmen and Lucia. I do have this new, long black crinkly skirt that would look Very Glamorous, however, as I will be doing lots of walking in slushy streets, and I pretty much step on the skirt as I walk, I think I'll reserve that one for my next recital appearance. Wow, planning what to wear at a future, as-yet unscheduled recital! How bizarre!!

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Lindsey said...

Alex looks so cute! I hope you guys have fun at the opera!! :)