Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sheep Jumping Out

Saw my "alternate" voice teacher today. We went over all sorts of breathing exercises (at one point she had me hook my thumbs under my arms and put my hands on my boobs?!!) and talked about keeping my jaw dropped down and back, mouth open, tongue relaxed, soft palate raised, breath in control... all at once. She told me to think of the air as going up and over, onto the soft palate and out between the eyebrows. I know what she means because when I get it it feels right and good and I like how it sounds. And I see sheep jumping over a fence. Seriously, the image of sheep jumping over a fence in a very peaceful field, somewhere in England, all graceful, popped into my head. I didn't conjure that up on purpose, I swear!!

And it still seems like when I get to a g something happens and I lose the resonance. She said she can tell I'm getting tense about it and to relax - and that she knows it's easier said than done! She said not to worry if I don't get the resonance on that note on Saturday - I'll still sound nice and will smile and be cute and everyone will like me. She was so so sweet. And she said so many funny things. I have to listen to the recording because of course I don't remember now - except the boob thing, of course. That was to help me feel my ribs expand outward as I inhaled. We also looked at the music books I have and she gave me advice on what types of songs to do next. I sang Gretchen for her and she said it sounded really really good, and maybe I can do that for the next recital. So I'll work on all of it with my regular teacher on Saturday and I'll just do my best on Saturday night.

Oh and when I told her about the shoe incident she said, "Yep. You're a soprano."

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