Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recital Report

The moment the first note came out of my mouth and I realized that I had a frog, yes a FROG, in my throat, I heard my teacher's voice in my head:


So I did. And the first pause in the singing I did a little throat clear and it was smooth sailing. I forgot where I was and just sang and had fun. Well, I didn't totally forget where I was. There was a step down in front of me and I really really didn't want to, you know, fall... so I did glance down when I moved. The split railings gave me a perfect place for the asides.

I was definitely nervous before but was ok once I got out there. Then the frog in my throat threw me for a loop. Next time I'll give a 15 second explanation of what I'm singing, to get through any future frogs. Ribbit.

Everyone who sang was great. Everyone. Some of the singers have a lot more experience and it shows. But everyone was great. I still have a hard time believing that I was one of them.

Afterwards Husband gave me a bouquet of red roses - hooray Husband!

The woman who gave me the lessons told me I was awesome and that she was so proud of me. She said I "got" it and now that I can sing it like that I'll always be able to. Everyone was so nice, congratulating everyone and telling each other how great everyone was. The mother of one of the other singers asked where I study and thought I was college-aged. She asked me what I'm majoring in! I ended up telling her that I began studying about 2 1/2 years ago, at the age of 39. She said she thought I was brave to start studying at that age and to get up in front of others to sing. I was like, hey, I have a kid. Once you have a kid you can do anything. It's true!

They had brownies and wine so we hung around a little but I hadn't eaten dinner and as much as I love brownies and wine, I needed some real food, so we left.

Ok, when's the next one?????


Frescamari said...

Brava! That was really great! Thanks for sharing it. Tell us when there's more!

Susan said...

Thank you!
I just became a fan of your Avocational Singer group on FB. Find me and friend me! :)

beckie said...

Congratulations on your performance! You have a very clear character when you sing this aria. Have you tried any of Zerlina's arias? They are perfect for beginning arias, and you can really make them charming and cute. Best of luck with any upcoming performances!

Susan said...

Thank you Beckie! Yes I have tried Batti Batti and Vedrai Carino. I've put them aside for now and plan to come back to them in a few months after my brain has processed them in the background for bit. Thanks for your comment!

Raisa said...

Congratulations on your performance! You sounded really nice and you looked really nice too.

Susan said...

Thanks Raisa! I started out a bit weak but once I got over that bump I felt pretty good. :)