Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where I Wasn't, Where I Was, Where I'm Not and Where I Won't Be

Where I wasn't last night: Central Park. People from the New York Times were, though. Wow - That review makes me sad I couldn't go...

Where I was last night: At home, celebrating Husband's successful PhD defense!! I am now married to a Doctor. Doctor Husband. We had balloons, drank champagne and I gave him a picture of the gift that's arriving in the mail:

along with something to put in it. The bottle came in a gift box with two brandy snifters. Did I mention that his PhD is in Geography? Isn't that the perfect gift? I'm very proud of him!!

Where I'm not as of today: I had a voice lesson today. I'm still having trouble with consistency, of keeping my voice on top of the airstream. I can do it much better during vocal exercises than I can during the songs. I think I'll make up my own exercises using the phrases from the songs that are giving me trouble.

Where I won't be: Next Opera Project recital is in about 2 weeks. I'm not fully comfortable with either of the songs so I probably won't sing. It's a bit farther from home than the usual recital location, so I may not go if I'm not singing. Instead I might go to see Don Giovanni at the local opera company. That's a "where I might be" but it's so vague that I'm not including it in the title.


Raisa said...

Congrats to you both: your husband and yourself too! The gift looks great and is symbolical too!

Susan said...

Thank you!
Of course yesterday he unfolded this old map from the 1940s and was holding it upside down. Luckily they already gave him the degree. ;)