Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Kindness of Friends

A few weeks ago, Denise commissioned me to make her a pair of earrings for an upcoming wedding. I made these (I think) pretty cool earrings with green and diamond rhinestones on top, and gold "disco ball" beads and other shiny beads dangling down. She absolutely loved them. Then this week she mentioned that she wished she had a bracelet to match, but she knows I don't make bracelets. Who says I don't? That night I made a bracelet to match the earrings, using the same beads. She loved it! I refused to accept any money from her. They were fun to make and she already paid me too much ($40) for the earrings. (She came up with that figure and forced the money on me.) I told her that her enjoyment of the jewelry is payment enough. Anyway... today she gave me a really cool CD that she got when her opera trivia question was used on the air during a Saturday afternoon broadcast. The CD is, "More Growing Up With Opera." It has 18 different arias and a really nice booklet that has a bio of each composer, a synopsis of the opera and the setting where the aria is sung. There are lyrics in the original language and in English. There's even a pronunciation guide! Good stuff.

Last month I gave her a glitzy necklace and matching earrings to wear to the opera. Hey, at least my jewelry is going to the Met! She brought Alex a Magic Flute storybook that included a CD.

We are really Magic-Fluted out in this house. Will I ever get tired of it?

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