Friday, August 5, 2011

If I Can Trill It, It Will Come

I’ve been bad bad bad about posting here. But I’m back!!! My voice lessons have been going swimmingly. We started Voi che sapete a few weeks ago. It was sort of a relief to learn a song that I already know the melody of. Also we’ve been working on different kinds of exercises. My teacher had me lip trilling up pretty high... then she pointed out that if I can trill it, I can sing it. And wouldn’t ya know, that knocked down some sort of psychological block - maybe one of those pesky gremlins- and there I was, ringing out these gorgeous high notes. Like, higher than I ever imagined I’d be able to hit. All this music, this voice, has been inside me all this time, and finally with the help of my teacher I am finding it and letting it out. She keeps giving me pep talks about what a gorgeous instrument I have, and how great I sound and all that. She tells me enough, I’m almost starting to believe her. Almost.

If I can figure out how to chop out a piece of the recording, I’ll post a section of the lesson where I’m singing these crazy notes. Meanwhile, I'll be singing along to all these high arias I used to think were out of my reach. Queen of the Night? Never say never!


Mendel Markel, said...

Yup, the good 'ol "Blowing Raspberries" exercise... well, my teacher calls it tongue trills, but I chose the layman's term lol. Another one I found helpful is the "hooting" exercise. If you can hoot it, you can sing it. That's another one that breaks the mental boundaries. The throat doesn't try to push like it does with "aaah".

Funny how much of our issues are mental, not vocal. I hope you keep posting regularly, I always find it so helpful to see others experiences along the way.

Sereisa Derrand said...

What is this trilling exercise? I'd like to know more.. :D

Mendel Markel, said...

look at the videos I have posted with "tongue trill" or "blowing raspberries" in the title if you want a demonstration - but in short the tongue trill gets your tongue out of the equation and helps you develop the ability to keep your tongue out of the way and keep an open throat when singing.