Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Video, Take 2

Don't know why the video isn't displaying correctly in the prior post. It shows up fine at home, but not on my work computer or iPhone, so I'm uploading it again. See the previous post for the details.


Raisa said...

Congratulations, Susan! You definitely have lots of things to be proud of!
And what an area too!
Absolutely love it!
Did your husband and son notice how you recently started singing? What do they say?
I had no difficulty openning either of the recordings. Both were available on my computer.

Susan said...

Thank you Raisa!!! Yes, the boys noticed the difference as soon as I switched teachers. Now they tell me I'm too LOUD!! I can hear and feel the difference. It feels effortless, it feels good. I feel like I've improved exponentially since I started lessons with this teacher.
Thanks for letting me know about the video. At work the first one still doesn't appear, but the second one does. At home it shows up in both posts.