Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Photo and a Bio

Things are happening. Things I never fathomed.

The Opera Project has a web page now: And if you go to the contacts, eventually, I think, you'll see my photo and bio there!!! I mean, how friggin cool is that? I never in a million years could have imagined that I'd be on a web page as an opera singer, complete with photo and bio. I'm not there as of this writing, but they asked me to send it and I did. And let me tell you, I feel pretty intimidated - look at the bios already there. Prestigious schools, awards, many many roles... My bio is like 3 lines long. I feel like I don't belong there on that list. I'm not there yet. I keep expecting them to change their minds, or something, about who gets their bio and photo posted to the page. But the truth is, I'm plotzing here at the mere idea of this. It's one of those, "I can't stop giggling" moments. Even though it hasn't quite happened. But the moment it does I'll post all about it, and of course I'll email the link to everyone I've ever known.

As you can see from the website, the next recital is that that very same jewelry store where I first saw the group. Then I have plans on October 23 (my friend's long-anticipated, over-the-top, fabulous annual Halloween party) and then she and I are going to see Cosi at the Met on November 27. I'm hoping to be able to sing in the others though.


Avocational Singer said...

I will definitely want to check out your photo and bio when it's posted!

A recital in a jewelry store? That sounds different. How did that come about? Why a jewelry store? My friend has a jewelry store. I wonder if she'd want anyone to sing there.

Susan said...

I know it sounds unreal! The location is like a miniature mall. There's a huge atrium where they set up the stage and folding chairs. The atrium isn't part of the retail space. I think the jewelry store owns the entire building. There might even be other stores in the building - I don't remember. I can't find a photo of it online but I'll get some up here after the performance.

Raisa said...

Congratulations, Susan! I am very happy for you! I have checked out the schedule of events - looks very impressive. Love the Opera Party in the Sand Castle Winery. I wish I could go.

Susan said...

Thanks Raisa! You had me running to the web page to see if they posted my info yet. I hope I get to sing at the winery. I'm hoping that since I won't be singing on Oct 23 or Nov 27 that they'll be able to fit me in. I wish you could come too!

Raisa said...

Susan, I've been recently thinking that time has actually worked for us as opposed to against us. Rememeber the time we "met" on You Tube, if I am not mistaken? You were studying voice, Alex was tiny and you had a wonderful blog.
Now you SING, you super, your husband has a PhD, your blog is still one of my favorite night reads and Alex is huge.
At that time I did not have a blog or a kid and was writing my music thoughts in a little journal. Now I have a blog and wonderful readers, Troy is 19 month old, and I am teaching an Opera Appreciation Class. Cheers to time!
It's been good to us!

Susan said...

Thank you Raisa!! I don't think I had begun singing when we "met." And yes, look how much things have changed for us!
And because you say you enjoy the blog so much, I thought of you as I wrote up today's entry. :) Man candy alert! Enjoy!