Friday, March 19, 2010

Almost Forgot!!

Whoosh! Brain like a sieve is what I have. MONDAY - Three short days from now - is Grapes of Wrath at Carnegie. 4th row! And remember, last time row D turned out to be the 2nd row! But I have a feeling it'll be the 4th row here. I think I'm going to wear the same outfit I wore to see La Fille at the Met, to shake out the history and create new history in it. Not that watching JDF and Diana Damrau from the wings was bad, but the other stuff... bleh. Then when Banawoman and I go to see Die Zauberflote in April (I am fully aware that I have never posted the exact date, by the way) I'll wear this looooooong black gauzy flouncy skirt that I'm in danger of stepping on when I walk, with a gauzy colorful my-eyes-are-up-here blouse. I may wear the gauze ensemble for the Opera Project recital too. And if it's too long, I can always just pull it up to my armpits... Hahaha can you imagine? Of course I'm mostly joking but if I'm in danger of stepping on and then out of it I may just have to do that.

Is it just me, or does "gauze ensemble" sound like something a mummy wears? I'm jus' sayin'...

So anyway Grapes should be interesting. I'm curious to see Nathan Gunn's daughter Madeline perform. She must be talented or she wouldn't get the part, right? Did she have to audition? Or is it like, if you're good enough and it's the only way we can get your Famous Dad to sign the contract, welcome to the cast. I imagine no one auditioned at all - they probably know who they want for each role and just ask. I say that like I know when in truth I have no idea. And in truth I don't care how she got the part. However she got it, I do believe she wouldn't have gotten it if she didn't have the talent to pull it off. And it must stink to have people question your ability like that. Oh well. That's what happens to kids of performers until they prove themselves. I'm sure she will.

As usual I'll write a full report! But until then there's tomorrow's voice lesson, tomorrow's run-through with the accompanist and all of Sunday to get through.

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